Bay C‚Äčountry Ridi‚Äčng


Foxhunting season is coming to a close. Check in end of winter/early spring for leases and other hunting opportunity. Also contact us to get riding lessons this winter. We only have a few lesson slots left open.

Basic Lessons

Private Half Hour Ring Lesson- $55

Private Hour Ring Lesson- $80

Semi-Private/Group Hour Ring Lesson- $65

Hack Out Country/Cross Country Jumping Lesson- $100

Trailer Out Country Lesson- $160 (local)

Practice Rides- $45

Fox Hunting

Horse Fee: Hound Exercises- $85, Roading/Cubbing/Formal- $100, Special Hunts- $200

Escort: Hound Exercises- $100, Roading/Cubbing/Formal/Special- $125

Trailering Fee: Local- $50 Distance- by Mileage

Hunterpace: Escort- $85, Horse Use Fee- $100

Beach Rides- $175


Lease Rates

Hour Lesson & One PR: $420

1/2 Hour Lesson & Two PRs: $475

Hour Lesson & Two PRs: $575

Two Hour Lesson & One PR: $650

*Hunt Leases TBD April 2023

~These are leases with lessons included. These have been the most popular. With lessons included you get a discount but you can not carry over missed lessons to the next month. If someone prefers to pay their lessons separately to their lease please reach out.

*PR= Practice Rides

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